Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the packet for?

The Build Day Packet will answer almost all of your questions, including where the build is, what to bring, and what forms you need to sign and bring.

When do I need to be there?

Seriously, look at the Build Day Packet!  But if your build day starts in the morning, please be there by 8:00 a.m.  As far as the date, we are already building, so please check with your coordinator. And check out the calendar.

What do I bring?

Tools that will be useful will vary greatly by the day you attend. Please review the Build Day Packet or contact your firm coordinator.

Where is it?

We are building at 3807 Jamaica, Dallas 75210, which is in the Fair Park area.

What if it's raining (snowing, etc.)?

To confirm if we are building due to bad weather (or where), please call Jennifer Knoeber, Director of Volunteer Services for Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity at 214-325-4532. If we are building at their warehouse, the Build Day Packet includes a map.

How do I get involved (or get my firm involved?

Just get in touch with us -- there are many ways to help!